Tapping Into Your Community To Discover Opportunity

Understanding Your Community

As a lawyer, it’s likely that you serve members of the community in which you work. Your community is your customer base, and like any business, it’s essential for you to understand your customer base in regards to its needs and demographics. There are a number of ways to do this. Here are some of our recommended practices.

Attend Community Events

Social, business, and charity events are great ways to gain an understanding of your community’s legal needs. Influential citizens of communities often attend fundraisers and other community events. You can use these opportunities to understand what’s happening in your city’s private or public sector. For example, you could learn of plans for the construction of a building housing a specialized workforce such as cyber security. By learning something like this, you can pick up on what kind of legal services the people occupying this building might need. Their legal needs could include employment matters, real estate law, immigration law if they plan on bringing people in from outside of Canada,  IT law, just to name a few. As with all of the strategies discussed in this blog, understanding how your community is changing will allow you to tailor your practice to grow along with it.

Social Media

Most people use social media for the expression of thoughts or ideas. Perhaps you saw a link to this blog on our Twitter feed or Facebook page. You may use social media yourself, either personally or professionally. Social publishing is certainly valuable, but an often overlooked aspect of social is the listening side. There are a number of third-party social media tools that allow you to listen for conversations around specific topics or keywords. You can even search for these conversations with geographic parameters. By employing a social listening strategy, you can see what people in your community are talking about as it relates to the legal profession. But you can expand your search to listen to conversations about development plans for your city, or news that may be tied to your practice. Think of social like you do other in-person networking events. Just listening to what people are talking about has tremendous value.


As a city changes and grows, so do the people that make up its population. By paying attention to statistics around people in your community, you can begin to paint a picture about what their legal needs may be. For example, a rising population of young professionals might mean there’s a business opportunity for legal work in the real estate sector. On the opposite side of the age range is an aging population, which also has specific legal needs. Other relevant factors might include the types of jobs people in your community work, or the income levels in your city.


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