Brave New World: How Law Firms Can Generate Clients Online

In an ever-changing legal landscape, finding clients and generating leads can be challenging. More and more law firms are turning away from traditional forms of advertising and marketing and are looking to expand their digital presence, and their portfolio of clients.


However, how do you even begin to navigate the online world, and where should you focus your attention and resources? Here are some best practices to consider adopting to get started.


Step One: Update Your Website


Your website is likely the first contact any prospective client will have with your and your firm, and it is arguably the most important element of your online presence. A modern, well-designed, and regularly updated website is a huge opportunity to differentiate yourself from your competitors and to attract new clients and new business.


If you a step ahead of the pack and are actively thinking about your firm’s online presence, go online and assess your website. Ask yourself some important questions. Start thinking about what you want your site to convey and what you want it to look like.


Thinking about your website as the fundamental building block of your digital presence is important and will provide a strong foundation for the rest of your marketing efforts.


Step Two: Use Social Media


In this day and age, law firms can’t afford not to be on social media. Studies show that about 40% of people seeking a lawyer start their search online.  If your firm has a great website combined with a strong presence across multiple social media platforms, you will increase the likelihood that you will be the firm they decide to contact when its time to retain a lawyer.


Not only can regular, consistent use of social media on various platforms help position you as a subject-matter expert, or the “go-to” firm for a certain practice area, social media also allows your audience (including prospective clients!) to engage with you.


Social media is also a great way to drive traffic to your website.


Step Three: Drive Traffic to Your Site


Other ways of driving traffic to your site include:


  • Content: high-quality content is key to a successful digital marketing strategy and a way to drive visitors to your firm’s website. Firms who engage in the most effective content marketing will have an informative website full of well-written content that informs readers. This will include not only information about your firm’s value proposition and the areas in which you practice but also a blog and videos or podcasts.
  • Blogging: regular blogging is an integral part of a successful law firm marketing strategy. Consistent (at least once a week!) blogging is another great way to position yourself as a thought leader and reliable source of commentary and is a great source of original content for social media. Blog about frequently asked questions, developments in the law, policy changes, recent notable decisions that you or the firm may have been involved in. Post your blog to the site and across social media to maximize impact.
  • Online Advertising: proper and targetted use of Google Adwords is an effective way to drive traffic to your site, particularly if you are looking to draw clients from certain geographic areas or on certain types of matters.


How Can Umbrella Legal Marketing Help?


At Umbrella Legal Marketing we take a holistic approach to marketing. We know that a strategically targeted combination of diverse marketing efforts yields the best results and the largest possible return on your investment.


The most effective marketing solutions for law firms usually include an ongoing combination of online and traditional marketing, local & community advertising, and referral building. Among the services we provide are:


  • Custom websites;
  • Custom content;
  • Custom blogging;
  • Search engine optimization (SEO);
  • Social media management;
  • Social media engagement;
  • Public relations and community marketing;
  • Professional photography;
  • Custom video creation;
  • Branding;
  • Business cards.


To learn more about what we can do for your firm, contact us by email or at 416-356-4672.