Carlyle Peterson LLP

Custom Design, Custom Video, Photography, Responsive Design



Carlyle Peterson LLP is a solicitor’s practice specializing in business/corporate law, wills & estates and real estate. Located in the heart of London, Ontario, the firm had recently undergone a massive office renovation and wanted their online image to match the fresh, airy, new look of the office.


Like their newly designed office, the redesigned website is clean and contemporary with bursts of punchy colour throughout. The firm’s extensive art collection is featured throughout the website, just as it is in the office.


As is our practice for every website that we develop, we took professional photographs of all the lawyers. The redesigned office made for the perfect backdrop to take the photos. The large, welcoming photos perfectly capture the personality of each lawyer.


We also created a custom banner video that showcases their new space and creates an instantly engaging element to the homepage.


The end result is a beautiful office and beautiful website with consistent branding and messaging.


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