Feigenbaum Law

Blogging, Custom Content, Custom Design, Motion Graphic Video, Responsive Design


Feigenbaum Law is a full-service tax firm based in Toronto and Washington D.C., specializing in complex cross-border matters.


Mark Feigenbaum and his team of exceptional professionals assist clients throughout Canada and the U.S with intricate tax law, business accounting, and business management matters. The team provides discreet and confidential services to high-profile clients including athletes, actors, directors, producers, writers, musicians and executives.


Our own outstanding web design team at Umbrella Legal Marketing designed, developed and built a beautiful website, easily navigable across multiple platforms, with interactive graphics, and a modern aesthetic. The site now includes an engaging motion graphic tying in the firm’s two geographic locations and the jurisdictions it services.


Our editorial and writing team wrote custom content for the new site, and revised some of the content that existed on the firm’s former site, clearly communicating the firm’s unique value proposition to create a better connection with potential clients and other viewers of the site.


Our legal content writers also write and optimize weekly articles for Feigenbaum Law’s blog, ensuring the firm develops into an authoritative source of information on tax and similar matters.


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