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Consider Adding Case Studies to Your Law Firm’s Website

If you’re a frequent reader of our blog, you will know that regular blogging is an integral part of a successful law firm marketing strategy. We’ve repeatedly emphasized the importance of consistent (at least once a week!) blogging as a means of positioning yourself as a thought leader and reliable source of commentary.


If you’re finding it difficult to come up with interesting or relevant topics on a regular basis, consider adding case studies to your content plan.  Case studies are a fantastic way to post relevant, informative content directly related to your practice areas and will help highlight your knowledge. Case studies also serve to emphasize your specific expertise and experience and will provide key take-aways to prospective clients and referral sources.


What Do We Mean by Case Study?

A law firm case study highlights a matter you were involved in that had a successful resolution to the client. A well-drafted case study will outline the issue, provide some factual background, highlight the strategy used by the firm to address and solve the issue, and emphasize the result.


The most effective case studies are those which were precedent setting, made headlines, resulted in high damage awards, or were otherwise notable.


Due to client confidentiality, law firm case studies will inherently be different than those used in other industries, in that specific names or other identifying characteristics might not be able to be used. However, they can be written in such a way that provides the relevant information without breaching confidentiality or running afoul of any of your other ethical obligations.


The Benefits of Using Case Studies

A good case study will highlight to prospective clients and referral sources exactly why retaining your firm will be beneficial, it can also have a powerful impact on SEO and your search rankings.


Answering Client Questions


Someone who is experiencing a similar issue or legal problem will understand how you have been able to help others in their situation, what results were obtained, and what they may be able to expect (it is important to highlight that past results are not necessarily indicative of future results, in order to comply with Law Society of Ontario rules around marketing and advertising).


Highlighting Your Value Proposition


Case studies are also a great way to highlight your firm’s value proposition. Reading about a similar case and seeing how it was handled from beginning to end will answer questions that a potential client may have and will help them assess whether your approach is what they may need.


Search Results and SEO


In addition, because case studies are generally quite lengthy and provide detailed information, they typically rank well in search results by appearing in searches for specific subjects or questions that clients may be Googling.


Excellent Evergreen Content


Case studies make excellent evergreen content. Since you are providing authoritative, useful information that will not become stale or irrelevant, your case studies are a great way to get your firm’s name out there. A case study posted to social media or a blog can have a long lifespan since the information will not become outdated and can, therefore, be shared over and over.


How Best to Use Case Studies

As we’ve noted, case studies can be an excellent way to supplement your blog. Consider including a case study once a month, or once every few blog posts.


Beyond using case studies in your blog, you can also consider adding a stand-alone case studies section to your website as an effective means of highlighting your firm’s past successes.


Think Beyond Social Media and the Digital World  

Beyond a supplement to your blog, or as a stand-alone section on your website, case studies can also be used elsewhere as effective marketing tools. Consider using them in responses to RFP’s, as part of conference materials if you are a speaker, and in presentations.


Having a database of case studies and past results is also beneficial to your own practice, and can be immensely helpful, for instance, for new associates, partners, or others joining the firm.


If are unable to create your own collection of case studies due to time constraints or workload, consider outsourcing this important work.


At Umbrella Legal Marketing, our editorial and writing team consists of lawyers with specific subject matter knowledge in a variety of practice areas. We offer custom blogging services and other writing services tailored to our clients’ needs.


We understand the unique needs of the legal market, the ethical and practice standards that govern the profession, and how to effectively combine these specific demands with the realities of marketing in the social media and online age. With our help, you and your firm can stand out in today’s ever-changing legal landscape. Contact us by email or at 416-356-4672.