Content marketing

Creating an Effective Content Marketing Strategy for Your Law Firm

We’ve previously blogged about what content marketing is. This week, we explore how to create an effective content marketing strategy to maximize your marketing efforts.


Content marketing is largely meaningless without a clear and coherent marketing strategy in place. Firms that want to produce and use content to drive business must first establish a plan that will guide their efforts and ensure that their business goals are met. One of the worst things you can do is to produce content without first thinking about what its value to your target audience will be, or how it will relate to your overall growth goals.


With that in mind, here are some things to consider when creating your marketing strategy:


Decide on a goal

Think about an overarching goal you have for the content you are creating. What is your objective? Are you trying to become the authority in your practice area? Are you trying to generally educate clients? Think also about what you want to achieve with each piece of content that you create and craft your strategy accordingly.

Identify your audience

Who are your current clients? Who are your ideal clients (i.e. prospects)? Who are your referral sources? Put yourself in their shoes. What do they want to know? What may be confusing them? What are common questions that tend to arise? How can you make their life easier? Do some keyword research and see what the most commonly searched for queries are in your geographical area. Let considerations like this guide your content strategy.

Target Your Content

Be an active resource and consistent basis of information for your clients, referral sources, and other lawyers.  At the end of the day, you want to be the person they turn to for the most up to date commentary on the law or on major things that impact them.


Think about what topics you may want to highlight and also about the times of year you may want to schedule certain topics for. Content is most powerful when it is published when the audience needs it most. Comment on legislative or policy changes soon after they happen and explain how this may impact your clients, talk about major events making headlines and how these relate to your practice area. Also, think seasonally.  If you’re a personal injury lawyer, write a blog about slip and falls after the first big snowfall of the winter. If you’re a criminal lawyer, write about drinking and driving around a long weekend or during the Christmas season. Content can often be used to answer topical questions or take advantage of a seasonal interest peak.

Think About Your Value Proposition

Think about what sets your firm apart from the competition. Why should clients come to you rather than another firm that practices in the same practice area as you? What benefits do you offer clients? What keeps them coming back to you rather than going somewhere else? Dig down to exactly what makes you unique.


Craft your content strategy based on this, keeping in mind any distinctive focuses or interests within your practice area that you may have, highlighting any major recent decisions you have been involved in, any media appearances you may have made, or any community and other events your firm may have participated in.

Produce Content Regularly

The key to great content is consistency. In addition to creating informative content specifically tailored to the audience you want to target, you want to make sure that your content is regularly updated. Something like a blog with original content should be posted at least once a week, and social media posts across Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook, and other platforms should be posted at least three times a week. The more you engage with your audience online, by writing blogs, creating videos, posting on social media, etc. the more of a reliable resource you become.


If you think you will not be able to consistently create and post content, consider outsourcing this important work. At Umbrella Legal Marketing, our editorial and writing team consists of lawyers with specific subject matter knowledge in a variety of practice areas. We offer custom blogging services and social media management tailored to our clients’ needs. With our help you and your firm can stand out in today’s ever-changing legal landscape. Contact us by email or at 416-356-4672.