Custom Photography: Humanizing a Faceless Firm

Human beings are drawn to big, beautiful images and the Internet is no exception. In 2014, the number of photos shared online increased by 50%. In 2015, 70% of marketers said they planned to increase their use of original visual images. High quality images are one of the most effective ways to capture your audience’s attention online. The more visually attractive your website, the more impact it has. Professional photography can turn a bland website into something engaging and attention-grabbing. Research has found that if your content includes compelling images, your website can average 94% more views than your boring competition.


Highlighting Your Brand and Value Proposition

Most people do not enjoy going to go see a lawyer. The situations in which a lawyer is required are often highly stressful – you have been injured, you are in trouble with the law, you’ve lost your job, you are getting a divorce, et cetera. Finding a lawyer is an unavoidable necessity, so you look for someone you can trust – someone who will make the experience if not enjoyable, at least less unpleasant. So much of that decision is visually based. Compelling visual content can do wonders to humanize an otherwise faceless firm and provide people with a reason to interact with your firm instead of countless others. Photos create trust and a human connection. People react more positively to images than text alone. Without engaging professional photography, your website can look quite generic and easily get lost in the crowd of hundreds of other law firm sites. Professional photography can add immense appeal to your website and should create a graphic atmosphere that reflects and reinforces your firm’s unique value proposition to help you stand out in the crowd.


Putting a Face to the Name

Strong visual images are not just for your home page. You also want to make a positive impression with the photography on your lawyer profile page. Lawyer bio pages are often the most frequently visited pages on a law firm website. Visitors to your website will expect to see a photograph of you on this page and often visit this page precisely to see your picture. Your profile picture should be current (no mullets please), professional and flattering. People want to know what you look like, and they will often decide whether to hire you based on how likeable, professional and trustworthy you appear to be in your photo. It’s also important to look approachable and friendly in your profile photo because lawyers can often seem intimidating and standoffish to prospective clients.


Stock Photography – the Good, the Bad and the Ugly

Not all photography is created equal, and filling your website with boring, irrelevant or unprofessional images can sometimes be worse than having no images at all. Many law firm websites tend to use the same types of cliché imagery – the scales of justice, a law library or, our favourite, a gavel (gavels aren’t even used in Canadian courts!). Traditional stock photos can look tacky and staged. But not all stock photography has to be cheesy and there are plenty of alternatives available. A good marketing firm should know where to look to find high-quality eye-catching stock images.

But nothing can compare to high quality, professional, custom photography created specifically for your firm. Custom images bring your firm and your brand to life.  At Umbrella Legal Marketing, we believe that the best websites are characterized by strong visual content. Because we feel so strongly about the importance and impact of custom photography, every firm we work with receives an in-office photo shoot with our professional photographer. Original photography integrated into the design of your website can leave a lasting impression on visitors convincing them to spend more time on your site and ultimately hire you.  Contact us at if you need help with your online presence.