Digital Advertising: A Primer To Get You Started

Digital advertising can be a great way to find new leads for your law firm. Whether you are advertising on search engines such as Google Adwords or through social media channels like Instagram, there are potential clients waiting to hear about you. One of the great aspects of digital advertising is its cost-effectiveness when compared with more traditional advertising, especially in terms of targeting your audience. However, it’s not uncommon for people new to digital advertising to make some mistakes that could lead to an unnecessary advertising bill and a lower return on investment.

Too many ads with too small a budget

It’s ok to work with a small budget. In fact, we often suggest starting out with a very modest budget in order to understand the effectiveness an ad may have. There are likely a bunch of different ads you want to try, as well as audiences you want to reach. However, you want to be careful about setting up too many ads with too small a budget, especially when getting started.  Having multiple ads with small budgets running may leave you with too little data to come to a conclusion as to which ad is most effective.

We recommend starting with two to three ads, perhaps focusing on different areas of law you practice and/or different audiences or geographies. Once you run them for a while and get an understanding as to what is working best, you can consider expanding the number of ads you run as well as your budget. You may also want to consider using A/B testing to try out small changes possible in a single ad. This will allow you to run one ad with one budget while still being able to assess different content within that ad.

Failing to think about ad objectives

There are a number of things a law firm might want to accomplish with digital advertising. Some popular examples include brand awareness, lead generation, or increasing followers. It is important to remember to set up your campaign around your business goals, which of course means you have to start with your objectives. For example, with social media ads, you generally want to avoid talking just about yourself. Remember, you have to give social media fans a reason to like or follow your page. Being too pushy with sales might very well alienate your audience. Instead, consider using one of your early Facebook or Instagram campaigns to let your audience know who you are, perhaps by letting people know about free consultations or other value-added services you may provide.

Your objectives may also indicate what your budget will be. For example, with every lead that comes in, you should be able to calculate how often it will turn into a client. Performing this calculation will allow you to determine how much you should invest in lead-generating ads in order to keep up a positive rate of return.

Not understanding campaign settings

Both Google and Facebook have robust campaign tools that allow you to control a large variety of aspects of your campaigns. By not taking the time to consider the implications of some of these settings, you could be wasting money. For example, with Google advertising, you could use geo-locating to send ads to people within a certain geographic radius of your law firm.

We talked earlier about making sure you consider the objectives of your ads. Campaign settings allow for marketers to set their objectives, including lead generation, conversion, or brand awareness. Other settings to pay attention those relating to your budget and audiences.

Most digital marketing platforms offer tutorials on how to get yourself up and running with your digital advertising campaigns We also offer seminars on this as well as all other areas of legal marketing. However, getting started is only half the battle. It’s equally important to monitor and adjust your advertisements as time goes on. At Umbrella Legal Marketing, we work with clients to create and run uniquely tailored digital ads for your firm. We work with our clients to help them understand the performance of their ads so they can be confident in their advertising investment. Please call us at 416-356-4672 or reach us online to discuss how we can help you with any of your legal marketing needs, including digital advertising.