Essential Tips for Rebranding Success

In late April, The Toronto Maple Leafs built a new “official Maple Leafs fan interaction account” and subsequently, deleted over 1.54 million followers from their pre-existing TML Twitter account. They did, however, leave one follower, team President, Brendan Shanahan. Not a great idea when you’re either rebranding or creating a new social media account as it is a huge insult to loyal followers.


A lesson to be learned

A lot of Umbrella Legal Marketing business is helping clients rebrand or “refresh” their firm’s online presence by touching up or completely overhauling their website and social media accounts. For our clients that already have pre-existing accounts, followers are important. They’ve been there since the beginning and before the rebrand, and being able to showcase their new interface is not only a great way to show off a refreshed look and online presence, it’s a great opportunity to re-engage with followers.

The example of the Toronto Maple Leaf Sports and Entertainment social media team’s decision to unfollow followers got us thinking that sharing best practices for rebranding your firm’s online content, could definitely come in handy for new or existing clients.


Our essential tips for rebranding

In order to properly rebrand or “refresh” your website and social media pages, plan well ahead. If you’re even thinking about refreshing your website and you currently do not have social media, stop right there and start planning. Which social media accounts do you think are important for your business? Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+, Instagram, Pinterest, – these are examples of social media platforms that have to make sense for your business. They are a way of communicating information to your clients and potential clients, and the platform to which that information is given (this is important!). A law firm doesn’t necessary get a good ROI if they put a lot of effort into a Snapchat account because that program doesn’t support the type of information a client would find valuable.


What will your social media pages look like? Should you incorporate a blog into your new website (yes! the answer is always yes!)? Plan, plan, plan and start right now. You may want to have some new artwork for your website, perhaps even a new logo, and that artwork/logo should also trickle into your social media pages.


Keeping consistent with your brand image is very important when rebranding from new or refreshing current social media pages. You also want to make sure your company information is up-to-date across all webpages and built-in social media channels. You may have moved locations since your last social media update or may have additional offices.


More than just a new logo or name

It is so important to ensure your website messages are aligned with your social media content, PR messaging and overall brand. This is known as “key messaging” and it should be uniform across all of your public profiles. Be prepared for people reaching out to you, after all, you have a new brand, one that will speak to clients and new business prospects. Your rebrand will increase user engagement and new readership (this is where the importance of an active blog on your website comes into play!). Ensuring your key messaging is consistent and having an SEO specialist to manage your channels with your message is of the utmost importance.


Make your rebrand stress-free 

Rebranding can not only can it be overwhelming, it can also be extremely time-consuming. By planning ahead and at least having an idea of what direction you want your rebrand to go in, these first steps are essential to your next step(s). There is a tonne of support online but there is also a lot of opportunities to contract the work to the right people (the people who understand what lawyers need and want), this is also important because you need to know they understand your brand.


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