Establishing And Marketing Your Identity Outside Of Work

Distinguishing yourself from other lawyers in a crowded marketplace can be a difficult exercise.  Every lawyer advertises themselves as experienced, trustworthy, and reliable – and of course, you are too! So what can you do to distinguish yourself in your marketing efforts? There are a number of things you can focus on that you might not have thought of already. Here are just a few. 

What did you do before you were a lawyer? 

Our past experiences outside of law can help in a number of ways. Perhaps you’re a personal injury lawyer with a background in the medical profession, or a labour lawyer who worked in workplace management or in a union in a previous career. Career experience outside of the law provides lawyers with meaningful knowledge about the nuances of the areas they practice in. You can use this experience to let your potential clients know that your knowledge goes deeper than your experience as a lawyer, providing you with a leg up on the competition.  

 What do you do outside of work? 

It’s important to let people know that you’re about more than just your career. Use your social media channels or your blog to highlight what you and others at your firm do in your spare time. Do you play a sport? Do you volunteer with some awesome organizations? Are you involved in politics? Do you have any interesting hobbies? All of these things add to your public profile and can be used to connect to people outside of their legal issues. They could also be used to demonstrate experience in certain areas. For example, have you and other members of your firm participated in something like a marathon? Sharing what you do outside of work also gives your audience the opportunity to see you as more than just a lawyer, but as a member of the community.  

What causes do you care about? 

 Most people have social issues or charities that they care a lot about. Do you volunteer your time or resources in any of these? Sharing your interest and work in these areas not only humanizes you to your audience, but it also gives people the opportunity to connect with you on a personal level. For example, someone who volunteers for a non-profit on the weekends might be an ideal lawyer for a charitable organization looking to incorporatePeople may be more likely to hire a lawyer who they know is passionate about causes they are interested in. You can share your support of charities and nonprofits by blogging about them, posting photos of events to your social media channels, and sharing information about events you may not be involved in but support nonetheless. 


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