Expanding the Conversation in Social Media Marketing

Social media marketing is a terrific way to get your personal brand in front of your community. One of the most obvious places to start in terms of social media content is sharing content that demonstrates your experience and knowledge in the areas of law you practice. Beyond that, though, it’s important to harness the ability to engage with your community through social media. Unlike traditional marketing, social media marketing allows your audience to engage with you. By posting content that is relevant to your community’s interests you’ll be able to show you’re an authentic member of the community and not just a business looking to sell services.

Curate content relevant to what’s happening in the community

Not all content has to be about the law. The conversations people have at work, at home, and online tend to be about what’s happening in their day-to-day lives. By paying attention to what’s happening in your community, you’ll have the opportunity to share news or advice relevant to conversations that are already taking place. New Brunswick recently experienced flooding along the province’s St. John River, destroying homes and shutting down access to entire neighbourhoods. Insurance lawyers in the province could have used their platform to share resources on how people can findout about their coverage, disaster relief, where to go if forced out of their home, and information on how to contact emergency services. By taking the opportunity to gather information and share it, law firms would have been able to demonstrate they are authentic members of the community.

One of the most important things to keep in mind about social media marketing is that it’s important to not always talk about you. Instead, look at what’s happening in your neighbourhood or city and identify opportunities to champion the accomplishments of others. Has a local sports team won a title? Has a student organized a successful fundraiser? Has a new restaurant opened? These are all great opportunities to talk about others and again, establish that you’re more than just a lawyer.

Partner with community organizations

Working with community organizations, especially non-profits, is a great way to integrate your brand into the community. By helping to raise money or provide hands-on work into a community project, such as a Habitat for Humanity build or a project in a school, you not only have the opportunity to help those in need, but you can also collect great marketing material, such as photos and videos, to use down the road.

Community organizations also provide great cross-marketing opportunities. It’s fair to ask organizations your partner with to share your photos and messages with their audiences. Not only does this get your message out to a larger audience, but it also provides the opportunity to get new followers for your own social media accounts.

Other great opportunities related to community involvement could be individual participation in community events by people at your office. If someone in your office ran in a marathon over the weekend, ask them if you could get a photo of them before or after the race to share with your audience. Public speaking engagements where people in your firm have participated also offer great opportunities to showcase your involvement in the community.

Get behind the scenes of your office

Social media is a great way to share personal stories about those in your office. Look for photo opportunities during birthdays, workplace anniversaries, and other special events in your office. Other opportunities include an articling student having passed the bar exam, or someone in the office being awarded for professional or community accomplishments. Going to court? Take a photo as you approach the courthouse and post it to your Facebook or Instagram account. We often get accustomed to the day-to-day happenings of our work lives, but these behind the scenes glimpses can be interesting to others.

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