Google Gives Law Firms the Ability to Label Themselves as “Women-led” in their Google Business Listing

Earlier this year, Google enabled a new feature on Google My Business, making it possible for businesses using the tool (including law firms) to add a “women-led” icon to their profile.


Google made their announcement in March, noting that they wanted to “celebrate International Women’s Day by supporting a women-led business”. The tech giant says that their goal is to “organize the world’s information in a way that is inclusive of all people”, and this initiative is intended to “empower women-led businesses to success online and enable to find businesses to visit using Google Maps and Search.


How Does the New Icon Work?


Once a business enables this icon, their profile will display a female symbol labelled “women-led” that will appear along other badges in the profile section that provide users with more information (for example, free parking, free wifi, or similar).


The feature has been live since March and is available to any business with a valid Google My Business profile. In order to use the icon, a female business owner will have to self-identify their gender when they create their account during the Google My Business verification process. Once enabled, the icon will be permanent, with the business owner having the capability to add or remove it whenever they wish.


Consider Adding this Feature to your Google My Business Profile


If your firm is owned, led, or founded by women, consider adding this feature to your page.


Here at Umbrella, we have the privilege of working with several incredible women who have started highly successful and flourishing law firms. We are, however, cognizant that overall, women’s long-term participation in law, particularly at high-level leadership positions, is low.  Recent data indicates that while women make up 50.3% of current law school graduates, they continue to make up a much smaller percentage of lawyers at law firms (35%), and an even smaller percentage of equity partners (20%). These numbers have not changed much in recent years.


Adding this icon can be a helpful tool to differentiate your firm from others, particularly if you have a specific interest or specialized or focused practice in, for instance, advising women entrepreneurs or business owners.


If you have questions about this making this new feature work for you, or about using Google My Business more generally, contact Umbrella Legal Marketing by email or at 416-356-4672. We help law firms maximize their digital presence and position themselves as leaders. With our help, you and your firm can stand out in today’s ever-changing legal landscape.