Need Directions? Ask a Local

As a lawyer, you’ve spent many years studying, learning and practicing law. You probably didn’t take any courses in marketing, and even if you did, you likely don’t consider yourself a marketing expert. You may have tried your hand at marketing your firm yourself but have yet to see any positive results. That’s where a local legal marketing firm can help you.

They understand legal marketing

It’s important to choose a firm that specializes not just in marketing, but legal marketing. Marketing for law firms is a specialized niche that presents unique challenges. A legal marketing firm understands the practice of law and the business of law, but marketing is what they do best. They speak legalese and they understand the nuances. Most lawyers are great at writing, but only for other lawyers. Many people make decisions about which law firm to choose based on a web search. Poorly written copy can damage your firm’s credibility. A legal marketing firm is best suited to write content geared specifically to your target audience that that will attract and entice new clients.

They understand the local legal landscape

Imagine you’re in another city or town on vacation. You’ve already seen all of the typical tourist attractions, and now you want something more – you want to experience what life is like for the locals. You could ask the international travel company for tips on where to go, but you’d probably get a better answer if you asked the locals where they like to hang out. A local legal marketing firm can give you the same experience. A legal marketing firm with roots in your region understands the local legal landscape more intimately than a large national or international firm because they work exclusively in that geographical area and have specialized knowledge as a result. A local legal marketing firm knows that works in your jurisdiction will observe the marketing trends in your area. They will who your competition is and what they’re doing. They will also know what your competitors aren’t doing, and can help your firm get an edge in a crowded market.

A local legal marketing firm understands the community which you and your firm serve or are servicing. They know that based on different cultural and financial demographics, your clientele and target will be a little different if you are a personal injury lawyer in Scarborough versus a criminal defence lawyer in Vaughan.

At Umbrella Legal Marketing, we specialize in and are passionate about local legal marketing. We only work with lawyers and law firms. Our writers are trained lawyers and English buffs who are able to both understand legalese and translate it into engaging content for your audience. We understand your community, your target market and the ethical standards you are held to. We will work with you to develop a marketing strategy that sets you apart and reflects the high standards of your firm. Contact us at