Suffering From Writer’s Block? Here Are Some Handy Tips To Find Content For Your Blog

Managing a compelling marketing strategy for your law firm can be tough work; after all, you’ve already got a full time job as a lawyer. Nevertheless, maintaining a digital presence is critical for your firm’s branding and community footprint. Running a successful blog means regularly updating it – something easier said than done. Even the best writers suffer from writer’s block. Here are some tips on how to deal with it when you’ve found yourself fresh out of ideas.


Browse CanLii or other legal research resources     


Websites such as CanLii (the Canadian Legal Information Institute) and other legal research websites offer great glimpses of both recent decisions as well as commentary on developments in various areas of the law. These websites are updated frequently and a quick browse through the current week’s headlines should give you some ideas of cases or topics to cover. We recommend heading right to the source material – decisions – in order to get a good understanding of what the decision means as well as to give yourself a chance to form your own opinion on the matter. You want to be careful not to rely too heavily on another writer’s summary or opinion of a decision or development in the law.


Follow the news closely


New outlets don’t always have comprehensive coverage of the law, but they are a great way to see what stories might matter most to the general public. Opinion pieces in newspapers might also give you an idea about what someone outside of the legal profession thinks about the outcome of a case or changes to a law. News stories can also provide you with excellent opportunities to put some quotes from outside of a written decision into your blog post (just remember to cite your references). A good way to track stories in the press is to follow a newspaper’s legal reporter on Twitter. We have more on that coming up!


Read other blogs


Sometimes it helps to see what other lawyers are writing about on their blogs. Take some time to identify lawyers across the country who practice in a similar area of the law. Bookmarking their blogs or subscribing to them through an RSS feed is a great way to discover a case that you may have missed. While you don’t want to borrow their content, blogs area a terrific way to get on with your search for engaging content.




Twitter is one of the best ways to collect information for blog ideas. Once you’ve created a Twitter account start following people who write about the law. This includes people who write for newspapers or news sites as well as legal journals and other law firms. Keeping track of who you follow on Twitter professionally and personally can be a bit of a challenge. One great way around this is to create a dedicated Twitter account for following law-focused Twitter users. You don’t have to send any tweets from this account, but can use it for a way to quickly look at tweets that can help you out. To make things even easier, you can use a tool such as Twitter’s TweetDeck, which allows you to see Twitter feeds from a number of accounts. You can also easily set up feeds to show tweets around a hashtag that you may have identified as relevant.


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