Using Legal PR to Boost Business

In some ways, practicing law doesn’t happen very fast. The courts move slowly and some cases can drag on for years without resolution. But with today’s instantaneous coverage of important news, and a 24-hour media cycle that is always looking for the next big story, there is constant media attention turned on the courts and legal system. This means that lawyers are frequently finding themselves in the media spotlight.


Ubiquitous social media creates a “real-time” environment where a case, or decision, can become a massive story overnight. A firm or their clients, can find themselves at the centre of news stories, seemingly out of nowhere, without any control over the message being sent. Big cases are now reported in multiple media outlets, with daily updates parsing the meaning of legal argument and witness testimony. The reputation of lawyers and law firms are under a microscope.


Legal public relations is more than just advertising and marketing


Public relations is distinct from advertising or marketing, and goes beyond simply increasing the number of potential clients you reach. It can involve the development of a brand identity, social media strategy, aligning communications with your firm’s message, and raising a firm’s public profile within the community. A PR professional helps a law firm build good relationships with the media, potential clients, and the broader community, helping you find the best way to grow your practice.


In today’s fast-paced environment, where a relatively unknown law firm can suddenly find themselves at the focus of a trending story, lawyers can’t afford to leave anything up to chance. Legal PR specialists can help firms in two major ways: to create and solidify their brand image and provide day-to-day media support and relationship building expertise, as well as media management during high-profile litigation.


Establishing expertise and growing your brand through legal public relations specialists


A good brand image can generate confidence among existing and prospective clients looking for trustworthy advice from experts in their field. A legal PR team can facilitate speaking roles, identify charity and educational events that align with your firm’s target markets, and help you develop a positive reputation among news organizations as a subject matter expert in your area of practice.


Your PR specialist can also help improve your SEO to attract new business and retain existing clients. By focusing on the most newsworthy and current issues, a PR professional will help you tell the stories that matter most to your clients, and build engaging, interesting online content.


Legal PR can manage your reputation during times of heavy scrutiny


Having a good reputation can also help to protect your firm if a particular case draws any negative attention; the media will have a positive history that keeps the focus on the firm’s current activities, rather than looking into past cases.


If a firm’s case or client is under media scrutiny, having a dedicated PR specialist is essential. In addition to managing a firm’s online media reputation, your PR professional can provide guidance to lawyers or clients who may be on camera, or interviewed by the media. They will help identify the key messages to be communicated, and minimize other angles that may detract from your position.


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