“ takes as much energy to wish as it does to plan.”

Eleanor Roosevelt

Our Services

Umbrella Legal Marketing takes a holistic approach to marketing. Our research shows that a strategically targeted combination of diverse marketing efforts yields the best results and the largest possible return on investment. The most effective marketing solutions for law firms usually include an ongoing combination of online and traditional marketing, local & community advertising and referral building. This combination ensures that your value proposition reaches the largest possible target audience and allows your firm to stand out from the rest in today’s crowded and turbulent legal landscape.

public relations & community marketing

Building brand awareness through public relations is key to enhancing success in the legal profession. Public relations & community marketing is focused on creating brand awareness through reputation of expertise and establishing relationships within your community via media relations. Through a series of questions and in-depth interviews with the firm, we will create a custom, targeted public relations strategy for your firm. This will include but is not limited to: media relations, spokesperson opportunities, issues management, targeted community advertising in local media, newspaper and magazine (specific to your firm's prospective clients and social network) and targeted community involvement such as; speaking engagements, participation in local events, educational lectures, networking events, editorial writing opportunities, sponsorship, lawyer rankings support, and charity fundraising events.

online & traditional marketing

Innovations in technology and client expectations change at a rapid pace, and where once a simple website was all that was required to elevate a law firm above the competition, times have now changed. The cornerstone of an effective marketing strategy is a focused and targeted online presence. A modern firm needs to connect with existing and prospective clients as well as fellow legal professionals through the use of social media, innovative web design, blogs and more. Whether a prospective client is referred to you, sees your advertisement in a local newspaper or finds you on Google, ultimately he or she will seek out or land on your website. A website needs to do more than lay out the basic facts and contact information - it has to be easy to navigate, it has to be engaging, it has to be informative and most importantly, it has to effectively sell your firm. This is your first and most significant opportunity to set yourself apart from the competition when it comes to potential clients. A strategic website will do more, however, than attract clientele and reinforce your other marketing efforts. It will also act as a way to establish trust, both among clients and peers, and will enhance your reputation as a law firm of choice in your respective field(s). Our websites are powerful marketing tools designed to strengthen your brand to drive better business

custom websites

An engaging, professional and standout website is the single most important marketing tool for any law firm. Our sites are completely custom designed for each client, with an eye to ease of use and navigation. We use a variety of tools and custom content to build sites that are eye-catching and memorable, as well as representative of your firm’s culture and values. A well-deigned website will engender trust and confidence in the viewer, and it’s important that your site stands out above the many that potential clients will see before deciding whom to do business with. We want your site to have an impact on the viewer, so that when it comes time to sign with a firm (or refer a client to one), yours stands out. A memorable website means a memorable law firm, which in turn helps to drive business growth.

custom content

Anyone with basic writing skills can describe what your firm does. It takes unique skill to communicate the value proposition of your firm in a way that a) distinguishes you from your competitors, and b) potential clients will understand and appreciate. We pride ourselves on our custom content because we have worked to create a team that is uniquely qualified to write for the legal profession. Our team consists of individuals with professional and academic backgrounds in law and/or English, who are adept at targeting marketing material that will connect with your firm’s intended audience. Our writers meet with clients prior to beginning work, in order to gain an understanding of their desired tone, image and ideal prospective client in order to deliver content that communicates to viewers of your site exactly why they should trust your firm with their business. We offer professionally written content in both English and French.

search engine optimization (SEO)

An incredible website is only effective if it’s seen by the intended audience. We design our content to make the most of SEO functionality, ensuring that prospective clients are directed to your website from a variety of online search tools. After a site goes live, the SEO is continually monitored using a variety of analytics and diagnostic tests so that adjustments can be made as needed. This ensures that we’re consistently able to maximize the value of your marketing investment.

professional photography

The written content on your firm’s website lets potential clients know about your areas of expertise and accomplishments, but the accompanying visuals are what help to establish an overall impression of your firm. We include professional photographs in all of our packages because we know how important photos are to representing a firm and its people. Many marketing companies will use stock photographs in website design, which results in hundreds of sites that are indistinguishable from one another. Visitors to your site don’t want to see actors playing lawyers in photos staged on a set; they want to know about you and your firm, and what they can expect the first time they walk through your door. This can only be achieved through custom photography. Our photographers will work with you to achieve a visual design that represents you and your firm in your best light, and is instantly engaging to potential clients.

custom video creation

In addition to photography, we can also work to design and create custom videos for your website, which provide optimal engagement with prospective clients. Our videos distinguish themselves from the standard talking-head videos found on many sites by being engaging, interesting and anything but boring. At the same time, we work with you to ensure that the tone is representative of the image you want to portray to clients.


Blogs are used by most top firms in order to draw people to their sites, and also to demonstrate expertise in specific areas of the law. We will create and manage a blog for your firm, updating it on a weekly or bi-weekly basis, focusing on topics that highlight your expertise. All of our blogs (like our website content) are written by lawyers and English majors, and can be automatically posted to your firm’s social media networks in order to drive site traffic. If you prefer to manage your blog yourself, we also offer blog training and coaching to help you optimize your content and get the best return on your investment.

social media management

Over one third of Canadians don’t go a single day without checking social media sites. Modern businesses looking to accelerate client development need to capitalize on this marketing opportunity by incorporating social media into their overall strategy. While having an exceptional website is key to marketing your firm, social media is equally important, as it increases your overall brand and directs traffic to your site. We will set up all of your firm’s social media networks such as LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter and Google+, and manage them by posting content three times per week. In order to keep branding consistent, postings will always focus on local topics associated with your firm’s primary areas of practice.

social media engagement

While traditional pay-per-click marketing such as Google ads is still an effective tool, social media has become a prime opportunity for online marketing campaigns. Nearly a quarter of all website traffic is driven by Facebook, and in 2014, Facebook accounted for nearly 10% of digital ad spend worldwide. We will create and run uniquely tailored social media advertising campaigns for your firm, and track the analytics of these campaigns so that we can continually adjust for optimal results.


Newsletters and email campaigns can be a wonderful tool for engaging existing clients and taking advantage of traditional networking. We can write and design a firm newsletter to be sent out to existing and prospective clients to advertise new services, make announcements, or highlight firm successes. These campaigns further serve to direct recipients to your firm’s social media accounts and website, in order to maximize the potency of each component of your online campaign.


Your firm’s brand is a distillation of your combined strengths, expertise, desired client base and ongoing business goals. We work closely with clients to define and bring focus to a brand that we can use to customize our marketing strategy across all platforms. Clients appreciate the consistency and reliability of a firm with a strong brand, and we will help you to enhance yours to take your business strategies to the next level.

logo design

We have talented graphic artists on staff who are experts at creating dynamic and memorable logos for our clients. We can help you to refresh or modernize an existing logo or work with you to create one from scratch that will help to define your brand through your overall marketing campaign.

business cards

We will custom design cards for your firm that are creative, imaginative and on-brand in order to enhance traditional networking opportunities

custom firm welcome packages

First impressions matter. When a new client arrives at your firm for an initial meeting or consultation, an informative and memorable welcome package will help to set client expectations and set you apart from competitors. We will create a tailored package that will provide clients with an overall impression of your firm that will leave them wanting to work with you and enhance your brand as an in-demand and competitive firm.

referral building

We know what legal practices have always known: that one of the oldest and most reliable methods of marketing — the cultivation of relationships — is still one of the most effective. Understanding this, we will work to develop and reinforce these relationships to grow your referral network. We will help you use referrals to your advantage to ensure you are maximizing industry and community relationships. We will also help you build new referral relationships to heighten your brand not just amongst prospective clients, but amongst your peers as well.


Marketing is much more than advertising and website development. A proper marketing strategy will also tackle large-scale and ongoing concerns such as client development, business strategy and the establishment or refining of a brand for your firm. Even staffing and recruitment matters can have a significant impact on the business direction of your firm. Umbrella Legal Marketing will consult with you on all of these issues, helping you to build an overall strategy that will set your firm on the desired course and ensure that you accomplish the goals that you set for your business.

We also offer ongoing consultation services; we will meet with you on a periodic basis to reassess the marketing plan in order to reflect changes to the firm, such as an expansion into a new field of law. It is also important to regularly monitor the overall plan to ensure that your brand stays strong in the market and that you continue to receive the best return on your investment.

What Our Clients Say About Us

  • “Since I hired the Umbrella Legal Marketing, my expectations have been exceeded.

    When I first met ULM, I really wasn’t interested in online marketing, or much marketing for that matter. However, after several meetings, I decided to give them a try. As a result, my online presence has skyrocketed and I am dominating the local market.

    What I like best about ULM is the balance of their service. For several years, I went with a high profile “national” webpage developer. While the product was very good, initially, there was no personal follow-up. With ULM, I get the best of both worlds: high quality and professional development along with tremendous individual attention.

    I recommend ULM to everyone, but my competitors!”

    Jason Howie

    Certified Specialist in Family Law

    • “Dan, Lanna, and the team at Umbrella have been great to work with (even when we have not made it easy for them to work with us).  We are extremely pleased with the website they produced (and their ongoing services) and have seen tangible results in terms of an increase in traffic, lead generation and new clients.”

      Peter A. Hertz

      Duncan, Linton LLP

      • I could not say enough good things about Umbrella. My firm has been working with Umbrella for several years and everyone there has been great to work with. Thanks to Umbrella my firm has had very positive results in developing our reach online and in social media. There is no doubt that our practice has grown thanks to Umbrella. They are good people who do great work.

        David Derfel

        Derfel Injury Lawyers

        • “Umbrella Legal Marketing assisted enormously in transitioning and re-branding Petker Campbell Postnikoff.  Dan was an invaluable resource, with long-range strategic advice, hands-on practical design ideas and a willingness to work with us to give shape to our vision.  Lanna was OK, too.  It was refreshing to work closely with talented professionals who clearly care about the service they provide, the product they deliver and the people they work with.  We collaborated with ULM to make sure that our web presence was an expression of what we represent as lawyers, not a modified template solution that we had to make ourselves fit into.  Try ULM if you want to stand out.”

          Richard Campbell

          Personal Injury Lawyer

          • You know the mirror that makes you thinner, the friend that makes you smarter, the circumstances that make you act better? That is Umbrella Marketing. They find the essence of the best you and show it to the world. They call themselves Umbrella, which makes me think of protection from rain, but really they bring sunshine into your life. They have a great team, are wonderful and timely to work with. I highly recommend them.

            Sue Carlyle

            Carlyle Peterson Lawyers LLP

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